Over Heritage and History of Chemistry

Heritage and History of Chemistry

WPHC Online Event


10:30-12:00 WP Business Meeting
13:00-14:30 Chemical Landmark Projects and Heritage Initiatives
(chair: Ernst Homburg)
13:00-13:30 Opening & Plenary Lecture by Brigitte Van Tiggelen
Sharing European chemical heritage, experiences and projects
13:30-13:45 Yoshiyuki Kikuchi and Kazutaka Arai
CSJ's 'Chemical Heritage Japan' Programme and historical chemical sites in Central Japan
13:45-14:00 Florence Hachez-Leroy
Industrial heritage of chemical industry in France: work in progress…
14:00-14:15 Carmen Giunta
The ACS National Historic Chemical Landmarks and the HIST Citation for Chemical Breakthrough programs
14:15-14:30 Christine Nawa
Making history visible: The Historic Sites of Chemistry programme in Germany
14:30-15:00 Coffee break
15:00-16:30 Chemical sites, collections and preservation
(chair: Ignacio Suay-Matallana)
15:00-15:15 Françoise Khantine-Langlois
ASEISTE: an association that preserves chemical heritage in France
15:15-15:30 Pierandrea Lo Nostro
The Chemistry collection at the Museum of Natural History of Florence
15:30-14:45 Alla Nudel
Saving the heritage of the famous Russian chemist N. Zelinsky
15:45-16:00 Asbjørn Petersen
A Historic collection of compounds from the birth of the coordination chemistry
16:00-16:15 Mara Jure and Alida Zigmunde
Riga one of the historical chemistry centers of Eastern Europe
16:15-16:30 Isabel Malaquias, and João A.B.P. Oliveira
The amazing historical collections of didactic instruments of Portuguese secondary schools

Every talk will last 10 minutes, with a further 5 minutes for questions and comments by the public attending the webinar. You are welcome to send your questions and comments by using the chat function of the platform. The webinar will be recorded and later posted on the Working Party website, therefore registration implies your agreement with this.


Anyone, member of the Working Party for the History of Chemistry or not, is welcome to attend the (free) webinar. You can register any time before the event by following the link, and you will immediately receive the automatic confirmation with the meeting link.

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